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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why are we Getting Snow Now?

Today we received about 1 inch of snow on everything over the top of 1/2 an inch of rain that turned into ice. I know this may not seem like very much but in New Hampshire it is a law that your car must be completely cleared of snow and ice, if snow flying off of your car you will be held responsible for the accident.To the best of my understanding this means even the top of the vehicle, be it car, minivan or truck no matter how high it is and how short you are, get my hint. This to me is a crazy law due to the fact that I had until April of 2011, I had lived in the state of Illinois which gets plenty of snow and freezing rain and has no such law. Yes you have to clear your car but not %100 before you can drive it, so today before I made my 10 minute drive to the post office and back I spent 20 minutes cleaning off the car thus freezing my fingers in spite of my gloves. In my 30 plus years of driving, I have yet to see an accident caused by snow flying off one car onto another thus blocking their vision of the road.

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