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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are we Done Yet?

I am glad that today is February 28th. This would normally be the end of the month but this year we have a leap year. I would usually consider an extra day off or of vacation to be a great thing but this is not such a great thing. It just means one more day until payday on Friday. Thankfully we will finally have money to go grocery shopping with. We are writing out our shopping list even as we speak. There are some things that we are completely out of such as sugar and margarine. I wish that we could afford to buy butter but that is too costly for my budget. I use Splenda in my coffee due to my diabetes but right now I only have enough for 2 cups of coffee, then I have to drink it black. Not happening. Sorry that this is a post with a negative tone but I am just telling the truth and we all know that life is not always a positive experience, so thanks for hearing me out I really appreciate it.

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