Monday, February 13, 2012

Dumb Blond

1950's Barbie

2011 Barbies
Today in 1959 this lovely blond lady went on sale. Ruth Handler and her husband Elliott ran a small company Mattel that manufactured dolls and dollhouses. One day after watching her young daughter give her dolls adult roles, Ruth began forming the new doll soon to be known as Barbie. Barbie was an extremely popular yet controversial doll selling over 350,000 in the first year, but she was also criticized by the feminists as to her having unrealistic body proportions. Yes I remember looking at my Barbie dolls as a young girl and wishing that I had such a shapely figure as her, but I truly doubt that she caused me psychological damage. In all honestly if you want to see something that can cause you to have a sense of inadequacy if you are trying to collect all of these, go to the new collection of Barbies that are available for 2011 Here is a link to the 1959 Barbie

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