Saturday, February 4, 2012

Its Blogging Time Again!

Hello, hello! This day has contained many different things. We got the VCR/DVD-R hooked up to the TV so now hubby and I don't have to try to watch a movie on his computer. Nice thing about this is that it can even record to a DVD, which we haven't tried to do yet but its supposedly capable of. Next we hooked up our new printer to both computers. If I want to print from my laptop I will have to move the cable over to it but that isn't too much of a bother. After that came the big job, washing the dishes and cleaning the floor of the kitchen. Oh yes I always enjoy emptying the dishes out of the sink where they have been waiting. Yes I know I should do them promptly but who feels like washing dishes at midnight? You do? Come on now you must be pulling my leg. What next? Actually an easy but a little time consuming job. Washed and dried the 6x9 inch crocheted rectangles yesterday which will become afghans for wounded military personnel. Now I have put them in bundles of 7 tied together with yarn, packed them into the box inside a plastic bag, tape up and address the box then off to the post office Monday. Now we are going to make corn tortillas and they will become enchiladas. Yummy! Both Seamus (hubby) and I are fond of Mexican food, with him living in Texas for 40 years he knows how to make the real thing, not the fast food type stuff. Dinner is coming to our location soon!

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