Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Planet or Non Planet Pluto

 The planet Pluto was known to exist long before it was fully discovered. The scientists had long believed that this planet existed due to the actions of the other planets near it, Uranas and Neptune. On this day, February 18, in 1930, the mysterious “Planet X”, also known as Pluto was finally observed at the Thomas Lowell observatory in Arizona, where Percival Lowell began his search. The planet was named Pluto as the result of a survey being sent out to school children and Venetia Phair suggested the name Pluto for the planet due to no particular reason. It does strike me as a little odd though that eventually there would be a Disney character of the same name.

Now the scientific community has come to the decision that Pluto is not a planet due to the fact that it has not cleared its neighborhood. Simply put, that means that Pluto has not ridded its neighborhood of smaller objects that could become an obstacle in its path. Sorry to say that it is no longer a planet. Oddly enough the planet Earth that we reside on has not entirely cleared its neighborhood either. So that means we don't live on a planet either? Confusing enough to me, is it also to you? For further explanation about Pluto's discovery you can visit and as to why it is no longer a planet go to

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