Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Again

Yes I am still around. Sorry about the recent lack of posting but life has been keeping me running. I went to church this morning after a long search to find my specific branch of Lutherans. I had to go to a town about 12 miles away from ours but at least I know where it is. Now hubby and I are going out for lunch to try out a new local restaurant in town. At least it is new to us not to the community. I will be back with more later on.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Keep Pink Slime Out of Kids Lunches!

You think that what kids eat for lunch at school should be healthy for them? Think again especially if your child or some of their friends eat with help from the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). The FDA and the USDA thinks that it okay to feed Pink Slime to these children. Don't know what is in Pink Slime? It is connective tissue and random beef scraps doused in ammonia and formed into a paste! I seriously doubt that any caring parent would knowingly feed their child ammonia. Ammonia is also a highly-corrosive poison that is known to cause respiratory illness and lung damage, liver problems, and cancer. The Chemical Encyclopedia says ammonia is "highly toxic" if swallowed ( Nobody in their right mind would feed ammonia to their child that they love and care for but the government is more than willing to do so. After all, McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger King are eliminating this so called food from their menus. So why is it allowed to be fed to school children? Learn more:

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Beginning to look like Bears

We have what the native residents who have lived their whole life here consider a sign of spring. The house about half a block away had a black bear visit their backyard in search of food. The bears have come out of winter hibernation and now are starting to search for food, which can be a bird feeder or bowl of pet food out in the backyard. I don't really want to see a bear up close and personal even though I know that they are a part of the wildlife here. When I was in Illinois I saw plenty of white tail deer which tend to have a curiosity of people but hardly ever attack you. We also had plenty of birds which are not a threat to anybody, a few raccoons who are mostly attracted to dry pet food left out in the open and opossums who just tend to wander aimlessly looking for food. We also had a large population of fox and grey squirrels and some of the fox squirrels had become trusting enough to take a cookie out of your hand.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ready for Spring

I am glad to see piles of snow vanishing into puddles of water, hear the birds singing in the trees and flying about in search of food which is much easier for them to find now. I am also seeing the green sprouts of the crocus sticking out of the ground getting ready to burst into flowers. I personally have seen enough of the cold, dry air but I am sure that the ski resorts have not been happy due to the lack of substantial snowfall. After all you do need snow if you want to go skiing during the winter. And water skiing during winter in North America is not a fun thing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Having an Anxious Day

I am an anxious person today due to the fact that I have diabetes type 2 trying to run my life and now I am faced with a toe on my left foot that has developed into a small ulceration around the left nail. Yes I know about proper diabetic diet and foot care but right now hubby and I are living/surviving on his limited income. I have been unable to find a substantial job here in New Hampshire due to most of my work experience being in an office/clerical position. College would probably have made a huge difference in my life. Most of the jobs here are in the manufacturing industries and companies won't even take a second glance at your application if you haven't worked in a factory. But back to my left foot. My problem with it is that my toe next to my big toe is about 1/4 inch longer than the big toe. Oh you think no big deal but it is due to the fact that every time I take a step the pressure of walking goes onto it rather than my big toe where it should be at. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow which is going to be odd given the fact that I bumped into her and her husband in a local store parking lot on Friday when I was walking pretty well. But this sore didn't really show up on my radar until about 7 pm that night when I was tired from all my activity, sat down and took my shoes off. I really have to learn how to better control my blood sugars and keep both of my feet as part of my body where they belong at.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is USA Nazi Germany the Second?

The United States Government is spiraling more and more out of control with each day that goes by. Now the TSA that is supposed to make sure that flights are safe from possible explosives has gone entirely too far, by having a male guard forcibly humiliate a new mom to pump her breast milk into the empty bottles that she was taking onto the plane. We can't take a full bottle of water or other liquid on board due to the fact that it might be made into an explosive, but now you can't take an empty bottle on board? There is no valid reasoning behind this! It is not like the empty bottle can possibly contain anything other than air. The TSA is nothing more than legalized sexual perverts who can do anything that they want to in order to satisfy their sexual perversions. The American public needs to stand up to the TSA and the Government thugs that back it up and bring it to a screeching halt. Many people liken the TSA employees to the Nazi-style brownshirts who functioned as a paramilitary organization of the Nazi party which helped Hitler come to power in the 1920's and 1930's. Do we really want a repeat of Hitler's Germany? I certainly hope not and that the American sheeple will stand up and put a stop to such ridiculous things. For the whole story please go to

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Raw Milk versus Dead (Pasteurized) MIlk

I have learned that raw milk is much healthier for you than consuming dead or what is otherwise commonly known as pasteurized milk. I did not know that pasteurizing is what causes lactose intolerance. It is not your body that causes this but the process of pasteurization. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) does not want the American public to know the truth of the matter or to consume raw milk which is better for your body. I have included the following infographic from

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Ides of March

I know this post is a day late but life happens and I'm sorry. I wanted to figure out what the saying "The Ides of March" meant so I did some researching. I found out that Ides comes from the Latin word Idus meaning half division in relation to a month. The Ides of March was a festive day dedicated to the god Mars and a military parade was held in his honor. This is also the day that Julius Caesar was killed by being stabbed 23 times in the year 44 B.C. Now that I know all of this, it doesn't come too me as too much of a surprise as to why this isn't a very well known day.