Monday, February 27, 2012

Government Out of Control!

I don't normally blog about things like this but this subject needs to have some light shed on it. In Michigan the Department of Natural Resources has decided to bring the feral pig population under control. Okay so you don't want a bunch of wild pigs running around loose in the wilderness reproducing at will and destroying the environment. But when you decide to crack down on small family farms that are producing animals in a controlled environment, that are not exactly what the government considers to be a domestic, thus possibly a GMO animal you can NOT keep and breed them. The farmer in this video is going to considerable amounts of trouble and headache to keep raising these animals. This is just another case of the government trying to put the small family farms out of business so the corporations are the only ones in the farming industry thus creating a monopoly. This is definitely not the way things should be done.

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