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Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Beginning to look like Bears

We have what the native residents who have lived their whole life here consider a sign of spring. The house about half a block away had a black bear visit their backyard in search of food. The bears have come out of winter hibernation and now are starting to search for food, which can be a bird feeder or bowl of pet food out in the backyard. I don't really want to see a bear up close and personal even though I know that they are a part of the wildlife here. When I was in Illinois I saw plenty of white tail deer which tend to have a curiosity of people but hardly ever attack you. We also had plenty of birds which are not a threat to anybody, a few raccoons who are mostly attracted to dry pet food left out in the open and opossums who just tend to wander aimlessly looking for food. We also had a large population of fox and grey squirrels and some of the fox squirrels had become trusting enough to take a cookie out of your hand.

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