Monday, March 5, 2012

Having an Anxious Day

I am an anxious person today due to the fact that I have diabetes type 2 trying to run my life and now I am faced with a toe on my left foot that has developed into a small ulceration around the left nail. Yes I know about proper diabetic diet and foot care but right now hubby and I are living/surviving on his limited income. I have been unable to find a substantial job here in New Hampshire due to most of my work experience being in an office/clerical position. College would probably have made a huge difference in my life. Most of the jobs here are in the manufacturing industries and companies won't even take a second glance at your application if you haven't worked in a factory. But back to my left foot. My problem with it is that my toe next to my big toe is about 1/4 inch longer than the big toe. Oh you think no big deal but it is due to the fact that every time I take a step the pressure of walking goes onto it rather than my big toe where it should be at. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow which is going to be odd given the fact that I bumped into her and her husband in a local store parking lot on Friday when I was walking pretty well. But this sore didn't really show up on my radar until about 7 pm that night when I was tired from all my activity, sat down and took my shoes off. I really have to learn how to better control my blood sugars and keep both of my feet as part of my body where they belong at.

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